Spotlights and Opinions

Shining a Light on Graduate Student Research

Each month we publish opinion pieces and interviews with psychology graduate students, across all areas of psychology: cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, social-personality, cognition, and development.

  • AI Has Much to Learn From Childhood Curiosity

    Edited by Maedbh King
    Eliza Kosoy grew up in New York and attended Emmanuel College where she studied Mathematics. She then spent three years at MIT in the lab of Josh Tenenbaum. She is starting her second year in the psychology graduate program at UC Berkeley where she studies developmental psychology. She is supervised by Prof. Alison Gopnik.

  • Leveraging Big Data to Understand Emotion

    Edited by Maedbh King
    Alan Cowen grew up in Chicago and attended Yale University where he double majored in Cognitive Science and Applied Math. He graduated from the psychology graduate program at UC Berkeley where he studied cognitive neuroscience and social-personality. He was supervised by Prof. Dacher Keltner.

  • Context is Crucial in Identifying Emotions

    Edited by Maedbh King
    Mandy Chen grew up in Zhongshan in southern China and attended Peking University in Beijing where she studied Psychology. She is starting her fourth year in the psychology graduate program at UC Berkeley where she studies cognitive neuroscience. She is supervised by Prof. David Whitney.

  • Academia is for Everyone: Popping the Science Bubble

    Interview by Juliana Chase
    Elena Leib believes that science is for everyone. As a 2nd year Psychology PhD student working with Professor Silvia Bunge, she is on a mission to demonstrate that research can be both accessible and meaningful no matter a person’s background.