Spotlights and Opinions

Shining a Light on Graduate Student Research

Each month we publish opinion pieces and interviews with psychology graduate students, across all areas of psychology: cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, social-personality, cognition, and development.

  • Structural Forces at Play in Guiding Child Development

    Interview by Maedbh King
    Monica Ellwood-Lowe grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attended Stanford, where she majored in Psychology. She is starting her third year in the psychology graduate program at UC Berkeley where she studies developmental psychology. She is supervised by Profs. Mahesh Srinivasan and Silva Bunge.

  • 17th Grade: What We Wish We Had Known

    Edited by Maedbh King
    A new cohort has recently joined the psychology graduate program and it has all of us reminiscing about our first day in 17th grade. We asked the current graduate students to offer their pearls of wisdom on staying afloat and succeeding over the coming years. They had a lot to say!